Horses Versus Fears

Horses Versus Fears is a collection of poems and drawings.

It is split in two parts, the first includes poems that were originally written in english, the second part in blue paper is the translation in french.

Limited Edition of 25, that will be reprinted. ink drawing 14cm by 6 cm, 72 pages June 2019

Horses Versus Fears est un recueil de poèmes qui inclue aussi des dessins, il est composé de deux parties, une premiere en anglais, les poèmes originaux et en deuxième partie la traduction en français, réalisée avec l'aide de Ross Heselton.

Weak Tooth

An edition of hand written poems accompanied by a unique ceramic tooth. 13cm by 10cm. Limited Edition of twenty, (march 2017). 14cm by 12cm, ink drawing and ceramics.

Edition de poèmes dessinés, chaque exemplaire est accompagné d'une dent en céramique unique., (Mars 2017.)

Time/The Waves

This is an edition in two parts based on fragments of Virginia Woolf's The Waves, Ross Heslton's poems from his collection Cantabria and my own writings.

The story follows of thoughts of two characters wandering on the same beach, without ever meeting each other. The second Part, Time is made of transparent papers, imitating the moving of waves.